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Bandwagon is an application for finding its users fast rides at great rates and connecting them to people to travel with. But it is also the first step in a mass transit movement aimed at giving individuals increased agency in their metropolitan transit experience — and at transforming the way we move around and between cities. Bandwagon helps cost conscious travelers purchase seats in shared taxis and car services at discounts of up to 60%. Bandwagon has already generated hundreds of shared rides at Laguardia Airport, with the help of our patented HOP Lane, which has been funded in part by NYSERDA. Bandwagon's web and mobile taxi sharing application is currently deployed in Montreal by Jour de la Terre, a prominent Canadian environmental organization. This app will be coming to NYC in summer 2013.

Website: bandwagon.io

$ 1M
raised in grants and awards
airports slated to do business at
number of cities in operation

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